The Grifter’s Daughter

Amazon Review:

“This is a great book! Full of unusual characters, lots of action and some of the funniest lines you’ll ever read.”




Imagine you stole a million dollars

From your fiancé.On the eve of your wedding.

Dani Silver doesn’t have to imagine…

She just did it. Now she’s got big plans. Start her own company, be successful, live the American dream.

But her business is the long con, her father a career criminal

So maybe things aren’t going to be as smooth as she hoped. There’s the probably crooked televangelist, a hulking psycho, rare books worth a fortune and a guy willing to kill to get them.

Add a huge criminal land scam, an awesomely disgusting PI, a very annoying know-it-all father and a drug-addled ex.

Oh—and the billionaire jilted husband who wants his money back.

Dani’s got her hands full. Can she put all the pieces together and make it all turn out right?

Find out inThe Grifter’s Daughter.



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