They All Fall Down

Amazon Review:

“I love books that move along so quickly. This book is just as billed: Thrill-a-minute. From the beginning when drug dealer Ortiz and his two flunkies assault John Paul Morgan and try to rape this wife, CJ, the book moves along at a swift pace. The head of the drug ring vows to avenge the death of Ortiz, but every thug he throws at John Paul and CJ meets a violent death. Police are frightened of the drug lord and are of no help. You won’t easily set this book aside. It even supplies a chapter of Book II.”


Meet John Paul and CJ Morgan, a typical suburban couple. Nice house, good jobs, however, life is a bit boring–okay, it’s a total bore. That all changes when the couple meets a few mob members who are just as bored. Faced with violence and rape, John Paul and his wife fight back. What starts out as a normal evening, turns into a saga of murder, drug dealing revenge, and a deadly game that normal people like the Morgan’s don’t have a chance of surviving.

Filled with feral violence, incredible escapes, and occasional laugh out loud humor, They All Fall Down is a thrill-a-minute story that will keep you up all night.


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