The Blonde With The Dangerous ‘Do

Amazon Review:

“I have a new favorite author! Blonde with a Dangerous ‘Do was a highly enjoyable, fun caper from beginning to end. The author’s power of description and dry wit makes the book come alive and fills it with interesting characters and situations. I found myself reaching to read another chapter whenever I could steal a free moment.”



A Long Con Worth Dying For?

After a vicious attack, Dani Silver is left for dead. Now she has to recover, then find a way to get even with a pair of crooks. Her one advantage–they think they succeeded.

Being Dead Might Not Be So Bad…

Dani’s got an idea–maybe her oddest one yet–to convince the bad guys that she’s not just dead–she’s come back to haunt them. With an LRD (little red dress) and a Medusa-curls blonde wig, Dani’s out to make them crazy.

With a Little Help From Her Friends…

There’s the usual gang–Cincinnati Bob, the forger, Sammy the computer hacker, Patty Kreel and Merle Crookshanks and the ACE, the world’s most despicable PI. Add a couple newcomers from TAP DOUBT—Felina Collazzi and Nick Kuiper, her long-lost love, and you’ve got the recipe for success…or disaster, hard to tell.

A Multi-Million-Dollar Land Scam?

Those guys aren’t just killers…they’ve got a really good crooked land grab going in Branson, Missouri. Cheat five banks and keep a Deep South clan of very bad people away is child’s play…until they meet the ghost of Dani Silver. Can she and crew get revenge AND make a profit?





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