We All Fall Apart

Amazon Review:

“Not often an author make me laughter out loud while reading a mystery but this author has accomplished that and more. Well developed characters, really good story line and the author has covered just about everything a mystery reader could hope to find! Really, really enjoyed this book. Not one of those that tries to hard to come off as a ‘real, true’ story. Just good clean entertainment that covers all the bases for me!”


What happens after you’ve killed a drug dealer…?

Well, for John Paul and CJ Morgan, nothing but good things. A new company, a new best friend. Their marriage is in the best shape in years. Everything’s looking great.

Until it all falls apart

There’s a mangy group of drug dealers and thugs, harassing the paying customers, out for revenge.

A new cartel manager, spying on them day and night, just looking for trouble.

A crazy little drug-making chemist who wants them to make, sell and distribute his drug, a deadly hallucinogen.

And, of course, the hit man from the Cartel…

Now the body count is once again rising as the Morgans take on a whole new level of trouble.

Join them on their newest thrill ride as they answer…what’s next?



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